DID YOU KNOW - "Did you know there is a huge difference between buffing or resurfacing a video game disc? There is... When you buff a disc, you're taking away the plastic, like filing your nails. This is bad! There is a reason for the depth of a disc... When you resurface... Think of a wave of water up high, that goes back into the ocean... Resurfacing smooths, fills and pushes the scratch waves back into place... THUS, at Video Game Exchange & Comics... We offer resurfacing! We save your disc..."


DID YOU ALSO KNOW - "We specialize in GameCube Disc repair. Don't get fooled. A regular machine can ruin your disc. We have special pads to repair and not damage your discs."


Disc Repairs for: XBOX, XBOX One, XBOX 360, Wii, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, GameCube, DVDs, CDs and now, Blu-Rays... Rate of $3.00/Disc. Extreme Buffing $4.00.


*NOTE: If you have "Top Damage" on the disc, it's unfixable.


Note: Buffing is available for extreme scratches for $1.00. Some discs may not be fixable.

*ATTENTION - Over cleaning can damage your disc!